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Summerton’s history began around 1830 to 1840 as an escape from the mosquitos along the Santee River. Plantation owners made their move inward to what was then called the “Summer Town” and thought of as a health resort and safe retreat from the “malaria” of the swamp.

Summerton is ideally located in the heart of
Santee Cooper Country, eight miles from the shores of beautiful Lake Marion and conveniently located one hour from Columbia, Charleston, and Florence. Chartered by the SC Legislative Delegation on Christmas Eve, 1889, Summerton has developed into a pastoral residential community. Deep spiritual commitments reflect in the churches in our small town. A strong reliance on farming, small business and the rustic beauty of the SC Low Country has allowed Summerton to retain the feel of a well knit small town while getting in on the growth pattern of the lake area.

The folks of
Summerton—the ones who were born here and the ones who’ve moved in, know they have a good thing going. Enjoying life is a universal goal, and they know its simply easier to do in Summerton. Visit the Summerton Nature & Outdoor Recreationweb site. Again, Summerton----where living is easier.

Summertonians feel a great pride in their small town and would love to have more neighbors with whom to share it.